Spinoza in Warwick Square Gardens

Russia the Frustrated Beast

Musings Amusings Bemusings Unamusings

Sixteen wonderings of the mind.

How the Maritime Enterprise of Britain spurred the Industrial Revolution

The Newcomen engine and the Harrison clock Google Book Reference: How the Maritime Enterprise of Britain Spurred the Industrial Revolution: A Study Author: Sandor VaciEdition: illustratedPublisher: Sandor P Vaci, 2022ISBN: 1838113150, 9781838113155Length: 120 pages

An English Dimension the Diaries of the Hungarian Count István Széchenyi 1832 – 34

Amazon: An English Dimension by Sandor Vaci István Széchenyi (1791-1860) was a man in a hurry. He wanted to bring Hungary into the nineteenth century, with railways, steamships, tunnels and bridges – not least one that spanned the Danube to unite Buda and Pest.  Széchenyi’s inspiration was England, which he visited five times. This book […]

America the Benevolent Beast

What America has meant for me and my travels

London Encounters of a Momentary Kind (mostly)

Google Book Reference: London Encounters of a Momentary Kind (mostly) Author: Sandor VaciPublisher: Sandor P Vaci, 2020ISBN: 183811310X, 9781838113100Length: 150 pages

Veronka for Ever, Her Fictional Biography

A guide to the animals of Africa by a casual observer

Humorous account based on first hand accounts (2005-7)