Curriculum Vitae


1938 Born in Budapest, Hungary

1944-45 lived through the siege of Budapest

1952-56 Secondary school and matriculation: Rákóczi Gimnázium

1956 left Hungary after the Hungarian Uprising coming directly to England

1962 became British Citizen

1962 Diploma of Architecture with Honours, Northern Polytechnic

1962-64 Worked in the offices of Austin-Smith Salmon Lord, architects

1964-65 Studied for Master of Architecture at the University of Michigan

1967 returned to England rejoining Austin-Smith: Lord

1973 set up private practice to work in the field of office environments

(clients: IBM, international IT companies, City institutions)

2004 Curated Hungarian Architecture today: modernist and organic

(see Exhibitions)

2005 presented with Pro Cultura Hungaria medal

2004 arranged the English publication of British-Hungarian Diplomatic

Relations 1938-1941 by András D Bán, Routledge

2008 exhibition in Budapest of collection of Budapest doorways,

website: (see collections)

2009-onwards illustrated talks on London and Budapest their Bridges

and Rivers, Culture*History*Design;

2009-nwards: Count Széchenyi’s Diary,

2011 Paper: William Tierney Clark and the Buda-Pesth chain bridge

published in ICE Engineering History and Heritage (see papers).

2012 Received the Thomas Telford Premium for this paper

2012 Paper: William Tierney Clark: the man and his contemporaries

published in the Newcomen Journal (see papers)

2013 Paper co-authored with John Vignoles: The challenge of building

the Buda-Pesth Chain Bridge across the icebound Danube

published in ICE Engineering History and Heritage (see papers).

2014 Paper: The Chain Bridge over the Danube at Budapest for the

Landmark Bridges issue of the ICA Bridge Engineering 2015.

2010-14 Arranged the gathering into a digital database of the English

language correspondence and drawings related to the building of the

Chain Bridge completed in 1849

2014 ICE have agreed funding to launch the database on the internet

2011-14 arranged the erection of memorial plaques to WT Clark in

Hammersmith and Budapest

2016 awarded Knights Cross of the Order of Merit of Hungary

2017 Reading of the play ‘No Neat Endings’ in the Ognisko Polskie London

Private life:

Marriage to Judith Spector (1966-1970)

Married Ildiko Anna Bornemissza (1977 -)

Two daughters: Sarah (1977), Julia (1986)

Grandchildren: Milo József (2010), Juno Eszter (2014)

Have lived and worked in Pimlico, London since 1979.


Royal Institute of British Architects,

London Library,

Athenaeum Club