Spinoza in Warwick Square Gardens

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Sixteen wonderings of the mind.

How the Maritime Enterprise of Britain spurred the Industrial Revolution

The Newcomen engine and the Harrison clock Google Book Reference: How the Maritime Enterprise of Britain Spurred the Industrial Revolution: A Study Author: Sandor VaciEdition: illustratedPublisher: Sandor P Vaci, 2022ISBN: 1838113150, 9781838113155Length: 120 pages

America the Benevolent Beast

What America has meant for me and my travels

Veronka for Ever, Her Fictional Biography

Ernest, Lillian and Ernest

Novella about a love triangle, betrayal, tragedy in bourgeois Budapest in the 1930 leading up to the War 2013 (much of this is from a true relationship) 2013, Kindle: ASIN: B00IDEQVAI Amazon:  Ernest, Lillian and Ernest by Sandor Vaci

Stalin’s Knee

Personal account of cutting into the patella of Stalin’s bronze statute toppled during the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 (2002) Stalins Knee.pdf

Our public face in the public space

As soon as we leave our home, shut the door behind us, we present our public face to others in the shared environment we call the public space. We give out signals with our appearance to be read by others in the public space and in turn read the signals given by them. Our social […]

Nation and State

The nation is an ethnic, linguistic, cultural, historical, culinary belonging, not necessarily within a continuous geographic area. It is an ethos, the subject of loyalty. the ‘I am a….’ The state is a legal, economic, defensive, internationally recognised entity. Complying with the law and taxation support the state. Several nations can exist within a state; […]

The Cost of Free Will is in its Consequences

What I am really interested is the mechanics of choosing and cost of the Consequence of Free Will. This is not an academic attempt, it is trying to follow a rational argument without particular references to others. The subject of Free Will has been widely analyzed but mostly in the context of allowing freedom to […]