Our public face in the public space

As soon as we leave our home, shut the door behind us, we present our public face to others in the shared environment we call the public space. We give out signals with our appearance to be read by others in the public space and in turn read the signals given by them. Our social status, age, health, religion if displayed, style can all be read at a glance. Are others a threat to us, would we interact with them, why do they hide their faces, are they sinister, would we be repulsed by them, are all read by our experience and attitudes. Why should we allow others who hide their faces from us to see ours? The signals of ourselves are consciously given towards those who would appreciate them. A formal suit, neat haircut or a bearing appeal consciously to those with similar signals.

Degrees from absolute privacy to public presence:

In the home:

bathroom >
bedroom >
shared spaces in home >
stepping outside the home:
exclusive spaces (private clubs, gardens, libraries, restricted entry institutions) >
spaces with paid entrance fees (restaurants, sports grounds, exhibitions, transport) >
absolute public presence:
in spaces accessible to all

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