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How the Maritime Enterprise of Britain spurred the Industrial Revolution 2022

The Newcomen engine and the Harrison clock

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What America has meant for me and my travels

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The reflected glory and the shame of failure

The titilation of cleavage

An English Dimension the Diaries of the Hungarian Count István Széchenyi 1832 – 34 available on Amazon

An English Dimension by Sandor Vaci

WT Clark Memorial Unveiling Speech

speech delivered at the unveiling on 24th June 2014 in Hammersmith by Sandor Vaci RIBA Your Excellency, my Lords, Ladies and Gentlemen Today we celebrate the memory of William Tierney Clark, the civil engineer-architect, who did more than most for the civic wellbeing of Hammersmith by providing water and building a crossing over the Thames. […]

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The indignity of dying

The indignity of dying