The Self Fulfilled

The Self Fulfilled

On a Lambretta pillion to Rome

On Lambretta pillion to Rome

Delving into my mind is tipping me over the precipice

Delving into my mind is tipping me over the precipice



Angela 1998


Little Hungarian Chronicle

Chronicler: Sandor Vaci for New Year’s Eve 2002-3 Little Hungarian Chronicle 22 November 1946 Stalin, Molotov, Beria, several members of the Politburo and the Soviet Army command have supper in a dacha near Moscow. The roast from the previous day’s boar hunting is served on a buffet sideboard. Around the long table the future of […]


Fragments of Memory of Sandor Vaci (started on 18th May 2004, numbering as written) Fragments list: 1. On lorry to Balaton 2. By train to Vác 3. Normafa 4. Rosslyn Arms 5. Westbourne Terrace 6. Commercial practice 7. Count fruit flies 8. With Panni to village 9. Falling for skater 10. Alec C and Turks […]

Ernest, Lillian and Ernest

Novella about a love triangle, betrayal, tragedy in bourgeois Budapest in the 1930 leading up to the War 2013 (much of this is from a true relationship) 2013, Kindle: ASIN: B00IDEQVAI Amazon:  Ernest, Lillian and Ernest by Sandor Vaci

Stalin’s Knee

Personal account of cutting into the patella of Stalin’s bronze statute toppled during the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 (2002) Stalins Knee.pdf

Tackling typewriters

Short account about my life with typewriters (2011)