The success of the West

  • open-mindedness unconstrained by (religious) dogma;
    healthy skepticism about what we are told;
  • democracy, acceptance of majority rule because the system is more important than to be right at all the times (and in the knowledge that the majority shall not abuse the minority because above all is the rule of law);
  • belief that our fate is in our own hands hence our trust in scientific advance (example the discovery and development of penicillin);
  • caring society (welfare state);
  • female equality;
  • acceptance of sexual diversity;
  • public sociability;
  • public celebration of the human body since classical times;
  • sense of humour (a lightning conductor for anger).

Almost none of these are present in those with medieval beliefs; there is a fundamental incompatibility. The greatest danger, to our liberty and free expression, that even exceeds the threat itself, is the appeasement, even veering into self-loathing, of those who threaten the way we are.

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